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College Planning Starter Course

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Getting started with college planning may seem intimidating, but with our expert guidance you'll be ready to take on the challenges you would never have tried before. Learn all the basic information needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. Very quickly, confidence will replace confusion, facts replace assumptions, and smiles replace sleepless nights!

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The path to college takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it and spend a little time on preparing, you'll have no problem finding the school that best suits your student's interests. What are you waiting for?

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Welcome to the College Planning Starter Course!


  • An Introduction to the Starter Course by Andy Hickman
  • How to use this course

Lesson #1: COA or Cost of Attendance

  • COA or Cost of Attendance

Lesson #2: Aggregation & The 4-Year Forecast

  • Aggregation & The 4-Year Forecast

Lesson #3: EFC or Expected Family Contribution

  • EFC or Expected Family Contribution

Lesson #4: EFC Optimization

  • EFC Optimization

Lesson #5: Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Financial Aid Eligibility

Lesson #6: Graduation Rate

  • Graduation Rate

Lesson #7: College Visits

  • College Visits

Lesson #8: Initial College Selection

  • Initial College Selection

Lesson #9: Career Evaluation

  • Career Evaluation

Lesson #10: Financial Aid Award Appeals

  • Financial Aid Award Appeals

Lesson #11: Maximizing Admissions and Awards

  • Maximizing Admissions and Awards

Lesson #12: Improving ACT & SAT Test Scores

  • Improved ACT & SAT Test Scores

Lesson #13: Scholarships

  • Scholarships

Lesson #14: The Importance of Essays

  • The Importance of Essays

Lesson #15: What, When, & How

  • What, When, & How

Next Steps...

  • Additional College Planning Resources

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About Your Instructor

Andy Hickman

Andy Hickman

Online College Planning Co-Founder

Andy Hickman, Principal of Cumulus College Quest and College Quest Navigator and Cumulus College Planning has held numerous upper management positions at some of the most well-known banks, insurance and financial institutions in the country over the past 30 years and has spent the better part of the 2000’s becoming an expert in merging the goal of a successful retirement for parents with that of providing a college education for the children.

In their quest to provide an uncompromising approach to college planning, Andy and business partner, Todd M. Kelly, provide training to financial professionals nationally on the topic of college planning, including a 40-hour course approved by the CFP® Board (Certified Financial Professionals). Andy has also been interviewed and published in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Cincinnati Enquirer and has been credited in articles reposted to a number of Insurance and Financial websites.


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